User Managment

In future development our Multiplayer mode will allow up to 16 users to play at the same time.

Of course, after you login and choose the right plan for you, some will allow you to create and manage user groups.

players can easily login with a personal student ID and organization ID. or access YOW’s arcade and play public games shared globaly.

Each device has it’s own limits, we advise you to research each indevidual device and make an educated decision.

At the moment the only user who has access to the management pane is the user that created the account. In future developments we will allow users to share assets with other users in thier organization and collaborate.


Our team will be happy to to assist in any question on the folowing {link to resources page} or contact support@yow-xr.com

Standart Wifi connection is sufficiant for the use of our apps.

1. a player can choose ‘casting’ on his vr headset and the game will be displayed on a tv screen or a smartphone, (both need to be connected to the same wifi).

2. a player can record or take screenshots while he is playing VR/Mobile phones.

No, if thay are playing offline the data tracking won’t work.

Sure, by using our Smartphone app (AR version), you can practice remotely anywhere and anytime.


Using the upgraded subscription plan allows you to view your players analytics on your ‘My groups’ tab.

We are working on it for the near future.

Using the upgraded subscription plan allows you to create a group of users their analytics will appear side by side on ‘My groups’ tab.

While using the upgraded subscription plan you can track certain measure points, learn from them and adjust your games. for example you can focus on content that was discovered to be more challenging.

We are currently in our Beta phase and would love to recieve requests that will be taken into account for futue features.

Our builder will allow you to request a certain 3d object and we will make sure our team develops it!