Do you need memorable content?

Whether you are a teacher looking for the ultimate educational materials or an online marketing manager looking to create the endless engagement at your next conference- you need the BUILDER!

  • Empower your community by creating games that will achieve your goals!
  • Create and design your own content
  • Have control over all objects within the gaming template
  • MAKE MONEY AT THE SAME TIME as achieving your goals.

The Builder will give you all the tools you need to create content that will keep your clients and students engaged for the amount of time you need!

All this in just 4 Steps!

Let’s get started!

Step One

Choose an Environment

Choose an environment for your world. New environments are constantly being created by our awesome designers. All our worlds are set up for VR and created especially for our builders and players. So where do you want to go?

Step Two

Choose a Questionnaire Type

Select your game’s questionnaire template.

Mix questionnaire types to build more challenging games:


Get to know your users or students with our questionnaire templates:

  • Upload your own videos or photos as references or questions
  • Choose a questionnaire type or Mix and Match!
  • Multiple choice questions with 3D or text options
  • Matching objects with corresponding names
  • Scaling object to their correct order
  • Present your ideas, explain a series of questions, or teach a new subject

Coming Soon:

  • Labelling
Step Three

Insert Content

Once you have chosen your game – Simply fill in the blanks within the game template. Allocate objects as answers from our ever-growing, massive 3D object library.

Step Four

Share to Arcade or Assign to Group

Now you can share your game with the global arcade marketplace to get feedback from all users and have them rank your game or share to a group you have assigned

Coming soon

Assigning games to different user groups and assess their behavior.